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Hello readers.

This blog is the project of two guys who like to write just for the fun of doing it. One is from Spain, the other from Argentina.

The blog will be about writing ordinaries, common, daily, urban stories. Those ones that are very simple. Though, we will try to make a point in everyone of them, to have a final sense or to relate it with a familiar topic.

Of course we have to warn you. If you find any similiraty with the reality it is just pure coincidence. Like if we would like things to have a resemblance or make any analogy, please guys =D!

Of course, all of you are welcome, as well as your comments, suggestions, critics or whatever you may want to tell us.

We hope have a happy story telling time.

We wish you a happy reading!

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  1. Anna permalink
    August 20, 2009 4:35 am

    wowwaa — surfing on the wave of the world wide web, came across a little pEAce of paradise!! awesome blog, amigos, keep it up…
    14 (?!) besos, anna (NZ)

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