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Eter decides to die, part 1. (Originally: Cable a tierra)

December 1, 2009

Es realmente muy tarde, no consigo dormir y últimamente estuve sintiendo la necesidad de escribir algo motivado por esas noches en las que he estado llegando tarde y con algo de alcohol en mi sangre, cosa no tan común en mí y de la cual hoy no es el caso.

Algo que sucede en esas noches es que …

Sigo en inglés, perdón. I decided I will write it in english.

Is really late, I can’t get to sleep and lately I’ve been feeling the need to write something motivated by those nights in which I’ve been arriving late homeand with some alcohol in my blood, thing not that usual in me and by the way tonight is not one of those nights.

Something that usually happens in those nights is that you feel like you could write a lot, you are full with ideas, words and sentences flow strongly through your mind and your mood is really high for it. Unlike this night when you have the need but everything feels harder in one or another way. Like many of the articles I write this will have no sense to many people at all. Something unfortuante because I like that feedback, but in cyberspace you can never know.

Have you ever read one of those articles that are deep down anonymous though signed by “some nick” of whom you don’t really know anything about but the article felt so great and suited you exactly in what you were needing to read? Well that is something that happened to me this last weekend and as I consider myself a good seeker, from time to time I experience that, eventhough there are not many great articles out there. Most amazingly, at some point you even consider seriously to write a letter to that “amateur” writer who left you with that smile and those ideas in your head thinking for all the week.

What are the questions that really matter? Did you ever stop to think why Darth Vader has a rough voice if actually nothing happend to his voice strings or lungs for that matter, he was just affected by the dark side but come on he could manipulate midiclorians I bet he could change his voice, right? Or why didn’t the machines from the matrix (AKA A.I.) build high towers with solar panels if after all the sky was clouded but those clouds weren’t so high up as Neo and Trinity flew above them, avoiding this way a war with the almost extinction of a race? Why is the sky blue if I want it to be green?

Is perhaps NP = P or maybe P != NP? Why did that friend, that you have known for two year, give you just now his email address? Why did she flirts with you and then when you are alone with her she pretends that never happened? What are the reasons that made your close friend stop talking with you? Why did that friend “push away” himself? What is the road ahead, the next move in this chess board? Why is my msn list full of crap contacts to whom I never talk, they don’t care about me, don’t know me and don’t care even about their own pathetic life? And what is with that stupid social network, huh?

I guess that which questions are more important for you can’t really be defined universally on an average pattern. Probably none of them. But what if you find in the situation where you have a good life, absolute great work you earn a lot and you are in a comfortable atmosphere, you know that eventually you will meet someone that you will get to know for a short time in contrast with that person you may even had the chance to love and know for a long time during your youth, after you will get married, have some children, keep working to raise them, get old and die? That will be one in which it is all really fixed and you will be fulfilling your routine and role in nature by the book. On the other hand, what if you could never finish your studies (or maybe you did with a lot of effort, stress and many of those), have a crapy job (or average… for that matter), in this case perhaps know someone for some more years, get married, have children (more than the previous case perhaps), work a lot harder to raise them and die sooner than the previous case. There are more cases but all of them can be seen as variations of those two.

In the first case you will have more luxuries in your life and in those scarce “free times” you will do things that give sense to your life… like go to play football with the “friends” you no longer have and brake a leg or your knee to realise that really life has passed in front of your face without you even realising all for nothing, or just for something: to realise you are old, useless and your body is taking its tolls with, catching up with you. While on the other hand, you will have potentially less free time (due to free market of course) but imagining you have still free time it will be useless, you will be busy trying to survive for your kids, trying to rest due to your illnesses, and still if you are free you won’t be busy trying to pay things and you won’t be able to have even those little luxuries that could perhaps make sense in this that society likes to call life.

This mediocre society. Yes sounds arrogant, and… isn’t it? Society has become something unbareable for men with minds and not the actual zombies. Look around you, nobody spreads love, wishes as a goal self realisation, to reach a higher spiritual level, solidarity… welcome to the very hell itself. Face it there is no other way than try to reset your self and wash all those thoughts hoping the programming will fix itself and the machine “decides” to reboot to start over with new energies (a new stack ;)).

So what is the point in trying? Perhaps nobody cares about this question as nobody did about the previous ones. Well and I care about getting some sleep, cause I have to sit for many tests this month, strangely my parents want, hope or/and wish for me to finish university… I don’t care anymore because I know which will be the end of the road. But due to this I won’t be around much in some time. So if great minds created difficult problems ignorance won’t solve them. As said, someone wants me to study I so will be off until a wormhole appears at my backyard.

I leave you, until the second part (perhaps in another life will arrive). Try to walk your road ahead, and a tip to which I believe is always the best thing to do…. FIND A REASONABLE SHORTCUT 😉

Eter decides to die.

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