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Bernard Madoff put the way on show

March 13, 2009

madoffIf there had been any possible way to destroy this capitalist system we’re living in, the attack would come from its own insides.

Like every single kind of system, it’s held up by some pillars which are essential to keep things operating. In this case, one of those pillars -maybe the most important one- performs a double function; the one we mentioned before and another one away from being some sort of column supporting a base.

This 2nd performance is however an outlet for all the bad things which happen on the building’s surface as well as they do in the upper floors. It’s the main way to hide that stuff which can not be seen by the ordinary people.

That role the pillar performs is not only a mental one, not just a metaphor, but it’s also a physical one. It links to a labyrinth where those things which must be hidden from everyone’s eyes are carried to a safe place.

Tax haven.

For a long time, those secure locations were unshakeable. Trying to penetrate in it was like if you attempted on getting in the White House to shake George Bush’s hand on September 12, 2001. Impossible is nothing, though this seemed to be.

This place we’re focusing on was built, of course, by that people who ruled the world and protected by those who are now in control. Yet, it’s odd we’re talking about “security” when the flag of this “movement” is just the opposite of that one which represents health and charity.

This one was the scenery before, more than a year ago, the word crisis came on stage; a word which, apart from meaning something which could not be good, brings nouns like change or chance when it appears.

There was only one man who got over the widespread psychosis and could discern on that opportunity which was there, flying in the air. Being trained by those who built that inaccessible and forbidden place, he used that behavior they gave him to access to that area and take everything away.

The modus operandi was complex but rewarding. He told the powerful ones to give him those ‘bad things’ and he would give it back to them -of course, with a bonus in return for the provided help- after a meaningful period of time.

He was smartest than the brightest kids of the classroom. He used that stuff they lent him to raise another building similar to the one with which his ‘shareholders’ were monitoring everything that happened in the world. Following his teachers methods, he constructed a maze which looked like the original one, but which turned out to be a faster way to get to the point.

50,000 millions of dollars.

He came into the impenetrable stronghold and took everything away. Then they got him under arrest but it didn’t matter; he had already won. They captured him but their possessions were not on show. He had hidden then like they taught him to do, swindling them in the same way as they do with millions of people everyday.

Now those powerful men are looking forward to retrieve that money he stole them, but they don’t want to demolish the building and look for their properties in the rubble. So they have to make a choice: they could lose all their cash, taking into account that they would be under a lot of pressure and that they would be even forced to take it back, or they could instead destroy the ‘perfect’ system which was set up by them and with which controlled the world for years and centuries.

Diego Caballero

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