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Motherland, Dear Motherland. Part 1.

February 22, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a leader called Si Vio Berlusconi, alias “Vergascome”. He was the leader of the people of “Bootland”. People of Bootland were pacific, lived in different communities, all under the same language but with different dialects. They used to eat a lot of pasta and pizza. Many used moustaches. That is usually all we know about Bootland.

Along the years their inhabitants suffered from several tragic episodes. When it wasn’t the fall of one of the biggest empires, was the participation in a global war in the old earth. This can be explained somehow by the fact that Bootland, as its own name says, twists the mind of some of its citizens, making them believe that boots should become part of their uniform, of their way of life. This “mean of transport” used by militars and policemen: boots. All of them wear boots as a lifestyle.

As stated above, many of them became twisted and started wearing them. However, one wore a magic pair. It was of an, until then believed, extinct brand… Michellini Mussgolini. A guy named Bendito, was the one who found it and from very the moment he tried them, the magic boots possesed him. Thus, making him the leader of Bootland. Soon Bootland was sunk in a hard struggle between the ones who found in Bendito a leader and the ones who didn’t want to wear boots but instead preferred sandals. Meanwhile, Bendito kept making new friends and the global mess started. The sandals lovers, had to run for their life, scape from their land, condemned to exile.

Soon after, many of them arrived to Southland, particularly to a country called Argentinland. In all Southland they were well received, found peace, work, food, shelter. We have to say that most of them who arrived to Argentinland were the ones who run away; meaning that in Bootland, mainly remained the Bendito ideology ones. Years passed; still many of them keep living in Southland, where they found a home and a family. Though, a considerable amount of them also have family and relatives in Bootland. But as we said years passed, and peace in Bootland is beginning to crumble again. It seems that there is a new leader who might have found the lost pair of once Bendito’s boots. The heir of the trone.

It will continue.

El Eternauta – 22.02.2009

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